When I first started working with Annabel I was 6 months into my maternity leave with my first child. She helped me identify my core values and provided guidance on how to align them in my life. Being a new mother, not getting much sleep and dealing with new emotions, it can become a juggling act trying to keep everything in harmony. 

Annabel helped me develop techniques to manage the many balls in the air. She armed me with effective tools to navigate the transition from maternity leave, leaving my child in childcare and then returning to work.

Through Annabel's coaching I felt prepared to return to work, had increased self-acceptance and self-love. I felt my new and very important role as a mother was in balance with the other roles in my life.

She is friendly, knowledgeable and very kind. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to have Annabel's insightful coaching through this very important and special transition in my life. We laugh every time I say it, but in all seriousness sessions with her feel like an emotional massage!

- Son ya F, London



“The sessions I did with Annabel as wellbeing coaching were very informative and helpful. She always made me feel very comfortable, it was almost like talking to a friend but receiving structured helpful information that you took home, thought about it, put it in perspective and acted upon it.

My life felt empty and confused, I have a very low self-esteem. I have lots of family problems and therefore unsettling life. Like lots of us, I felt lost with no direction where to head to, and that is an empty sad space with no hopes.

Annabel helped me to reconsider who I was, what were my values, and to encourage me to fight for them and to fight for me and for who I am. Working on my blockages caused by fear, and working on affirmations and positive attitude towards me.

She recommended growth mind books that made me realised that there are a lot of more out there and I although magic doesn’t work fast, life is having a different perspective now and I am more prepared and receptive to changes and accepting myself, therefore I feel stronger.

I truly enjoyed her sessions and her company; she is very understanding and approachable.”

— Sonya H, London



“I have known Annabel for several years now when she was successfully juggling work and family amongst a bunch of other things, like all of us. Or at least, that’s what was visible to me! Witnessing the journey she has gone through, was a wake-up call for me to prioritise my own wellbeing. I started to realise that if I did not take the right measures to take care of myself, it would only get worse.
I started to realise that some of the things I assumed were normal, just because of a generic excuse like stress, where in fact symptoms of potential burn out.
Thanks to Annabel’s journey, I stopped doing the things the way I was doing and immediately asked for help and support to find myself and learn the necessary tools to build up my resilience.
Annabel’s journey helped me to change the way I look at things and become a different person. I have no doubt that her journey will also help many others to achieve their well-being goals.”

— Burcu, London



“Annabel is a fantastic wellbeing coach. I was lucky enough to win a consultation with her and it was so informative. She is a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of wellbeing and we discussed self care, mindfulness and nutrition amongst other things. I've just finished a 30 day nutritional rebalancing programme that Annabel recommended and I've never felt better, I have lots of energy, no more aches and pains, better digestion and have even shed a few pounds. Thank you Annabel!'“

— Carolyn, London



Working with Annabel has been a delight. She knows just the right questions and prompts to ask to make me think about my decisions from various perspectives. I definitely learned a lot about myself. The exercises we did helped me re-evaluate the importance of different things in my life.

Annabel is positive, warm and encouraging. Her sessions make me challenge myself yet they are relaxing at the same time. I always leave refreshed, calm and armed with new aspects to consider. Our discussions made me more aware of the hidden mechanisms influencing my behaviour and Annabel also provided excellent advice on how to apply this theoretical knowledge to practice. I highly recommend working with her.

- Viktoria, London