Annabel Zicker
Annabel Zicker
Let go of self doubt . Push beyond fear . Live on purpose.

Wellbeing & Mindset Coach . Speaker

Let go of self doubt . Push beyond fear . Live on purpose


Hi! I am Annabel, a Wellbeing and Mindset Coach.  I will help you uncover the fear and self doubt holding you back from leading a life which is authentically you.


Are you looking for ways to improve your health and wellbeing to live a more balanced, fulfilling life?

I learnt the hard way the importance of focussing on ourselves and prioritise self care. I ignored all the signs and two years ago I burnt out...and hit rock bottom! I was running at full speed on the hamster wheel, neglecting both my body and mind and totally de-prioritising my health and happiness.

Following my recovery, I trained as a coach and I am now on a mission to raise awareness about stress and burnout and help as many people as possible achieve their wellbeing goals, living a life which is truly authentic to who they are.

Together, we will focus on improving all aspects of your life, nourishing body, mind and spirit, rediscovering the joy in each moment and connecting with your inner self, to live a life with passion and purpose.

The term wellbeing has become a bit of a buzzword but what does it really mean and why is it so important? To me it is…

… a sense of how satisfied we are with our lives,

… feeling that what we do in life is worthwhile and

… our day to day emotional experiences.

It is an on-going process and something that we strive towards.

I offer 1:1 coaching sessions, programmes and group workshops. I also offer talks at corporate events, conferences and seminars where I share my journey and my formula to live a stress-less, authentic life.

. Do you feel stressed, under pressure and unable to relax, whether in your job, at home, or your social life?

. Are you constantly chasing your never-ending to-do list and feeling guilty if you do something for yourself?

. Or maybe you struggle with emotions, feeling annoyed at the smallest things, or frustrated when things don’t go to plan?

If this is you let’s chat. I would love to help! Click below to book a discovery session with me or drop me an email. The journey to a new you starts now!

It takes courage to endure the sharp pain of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.

What my Clients say

Annabel is a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of wellbeing and we discussed self care, mindfulness and nutrition amongst other things. I’ve just finished a 30 day nutritional rebalancing programme that Annabel recommended and I’ve never felt better, I have lots of energy, no more aches and pains, better digestion and have even shed a few pounds.
— Carolyn, London
Thanks to Annabel’s journey, I stopped doing the things the way I was doing and immediately asked for help and support to find myself and learn the necessary tools to build up my resilience. She helped me to change the way I look at things and become a different person.
— Burcu, London
Annabel helped me to reconsider who I was, what were my values, and to encourage me to fight for them and to fight for me and for who I am. Working on my blockages caused by fear, and working on affirmations and positive attitude towards me.

She recommended growth mindset books that made me realised that there are a lot of more out there and I although magic doesn’t work fast, life is having a different perspective now and I am more prepared and receptive to changes and accepting myself, therefore I feel stronger.
— Sonya H, London