I offer talks at corporate events, conferences and seminars where I share my journey and my formula to live a stress-less, authentic life.

Work related stress costs UK businesses £70bn per year & with 3 in 5 employees having experienced mental health issues in the past year because of work, now is the time to take proactive action. 

To date, support & care have primarily focussed on reactive measures to help those suffering from burnout or dealing with mental health conditions but more needs to be done to prevent people slipping down the exhaustion funnel & maintain a more fulfilling, purposeful life.

Most of the people I work with are dealing with multiple sources of stress which can impact their self esteem and confidence.

As an ex corporate professional, with a career in financial services spanning 20 years, I have first hand experience of the challenges faced by many professionals. After suffering from severe burnout in 2017, I realised that healthy living was not just about food and fitness, but also nourishing my mind, being aware of my environment and forging healthy relationships.

Increasing awareness about wellbeing & equipping staff with the necessary tools to avoid burnout does not only improve their quality of life & boost morale in the workplace, but also reduces stress & fosters a workforce where people are committed to achieving organisational success, directly impacting bottom line results in the process.

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Some of the ways I can help…

  • Maintaining balance in the city

  • How to stress-less

  • Overcoming perfectionism

  • Navigating the exhaustion funnel

  • What is burnout and how do I see it coming?

  • Awareness and the myth of multi-tasking

  • How food impacts our energy levels